Fairtrade certified candy in new bags

All of our bags are now Fairtrade and gelatine free. The bags also have a new, cool look. As if that was not enough, we have added two new flavours: Cool Cola Skalle and Cool Hallon Skalle Skum.

Taste is king

Bubs Candy is a small Swedish family business with one great passion. It is of course candy. We produce only what we ourselves think is amazingly good. Taste and shapes are always in focus and our products stand for high quality; both in production and for your taste experience.

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In the bag

We produce a delightful array of candy and Pick´n ´Mix pieces and some of our treats are also available in ready-made bags. Our best seller is the Hallon/Lakritsskalle or translated Raspberry Liquorice Skull. This tasty piece has one of Sweden’s largest fan bases on Facebook. Keep in mind that the Hallon/Lakritsskalle is only one of our approximately forty delightful treats.

Our product range